Customised demographic forecasting, modelling and research


Current and past projects Tom has worked on include:

  • Population and household projections for individual local government areas.
  • The conversion of population projections for local government areas to SA2 areas in New South Wales.
  • The creation of a new small area dwelling forecast model for the Sydney metropolitan region which takes into account anticipated dwelling growth, dwelling capacities and the attractiveness of each local area.
  • Population and household projections for a State/Territory and SA4 regions.
  • Alternative population and labour force projections for a local government area based on various economic development scenarios.
  • A peer review of educational enrollment projections.
  • The creation of a model for preparing very small area (SA1) population projections.
  • State/Territory life table and life expectancy projections.
  • Indigenous population projections for the Northern Territory and its regions.
  • Probabilistic population projections which explicitly quantify the uncertainty of the demographic future.