Customised demographic forecasting, modelling and research


Advanced Demographic Modelling specialises in:

Demographic projections

Population, household type and implied dwelling projections for local government areas, planning regions, states or territories plus local/small areas within them. Can include "what if?" scenarios based on alternative economic/social trends. These projections are illustrated via an interactive website through collaboration with Geografia.

Demographic profiles

Comprehensive description of how the population of a local government area (or another statistical area) is changing.  Profiles are illustrated via an interactive website through collaboration with Geografia.

Census data extraction and analysis

Census data extraction, interpretation, analysis, and advice.

Peer review

Peer review of demographic projections, methods and data sources.

Customised demographic research

Customised research can be undertaken on population projections, population estimates, local and regional demographic trends, household change, Indigenous demography, and population now-casting.